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  • How is therapy beneficial for you?
    Engaging with me in therapy opens doors to many benefits tailored just for you. At its heart, our sessions together will be a sanctuary for nurturing problem-solving skills and enhancing coping strategies, especially when confronting challenges like depression, anxiety, self-esteem hurdles, and finding one's life purpose. Beyond addressing individual issues, I am here to guide you through the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, marital hurdles, and the everyday complexities life throws your way. By partnering with me, you'll gain fresh perspectives on challenges and be steered toward meaningful solutions. It's essential to remember that the richness of our therapeutic journey is deeply intertwined with your active engagement and openness during our sessions.
  • What can I gain from therapy?
    Your engagement and active participation in therapy can unlock transformative benefits tailored to your unique journey. Here's a glimpse of the growth and insight that awaits: Self-Discovery: Delve deeper into understanding your aspirations, core values, and intrinsic motivations. Relationship Enrichment: Cultivate tools and techniques to foster healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Problem Resolution: Address and overcome specific concerns that prompted your therapeutic journey. Stress Mastery: Equip yourself with strategies to handle stress and anxiety with resilience. Emotional Management: Navigate emotions like anger, grief, and depression with clarity and balance. Enhanced Communication: Refine your listening and expressive skills, fostering effective dialogue. Behavioral Transformation: Break free from unproductive patterns and embrace positive behavioral shifts. Conflict Resolution: Unearth solutions for familial or marital challenges, fortifying bonds, and understanding. Confidence Boost: Elevate your self-esteem and empower yourself with renewed confidence.
  • What can I expect during our first session?
    our first session is an essential step on our therapeutic journey together. It's a time for you to unfold your narrative, discuss your aspirations, and pinpoint the changes you're seeking. An integral part of this inaugural meeting is mutual understanding: I want to ensure that our dynamic feels right for you. As we converse, we'll review your intake paperwork, and I'll introduce you to my conversation style—establishing an open channel for us to truly get to know one another. By the end of our initial meeting, we will set up a follow-up appointment. Come our third session, we'll engage in a meaningful dialogue, collaboratively assessing our partnership's direction. Remember, it's crucial that you feel supported and understood. If, for any reason, you feel our sessions aren't the right fit, I am committed to guiding you towards alternate resources. I can provide referrals to other trusted providers, or you're always free to connect with your insurance company to explore additional professionals within your network.
  • How long will I have to be in therapy?
    While it’s hard to predict how long the therapeutic process will take, together, we will decide on the longevity of your therapeutic journey.
  • What are the cost associated with therapy?
    At the outset, you'll receive a complimentary 5-minute consultation, serving as an opportunity to explore our potential fit. If you decide to proceed, you can self-pay or go through your insurance company for individual therapy sessions. Self-Pay Options: For those clients who prefer this route, especially if they're out-of-network or choose not to use insurance, the following rates apply: Initial Consultation: Complimentary New Patient Session: $300 Regular Hourly Session: $200
  • What insurances are you in network with?
    I am in-network with the following health insurance companies: United Health Care/Optum Harvard Pilgrim/Optum Blue Cross Blue Shield Tufts Aetna Cigna/Evernorth Patients are responsible for checking with their insurance company to verify that we are in-network with their specific plan.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Your time and my time are both valuable, and I believe in respecting them equally. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours' notice. This allows the opportunity for someone else to avail of the session time. Failure to give a 24-hour notice or missing a session without notifying me will result in a cancellation fee of $200. This policy ensures commitment and respect from both sides, ensuring that our therapeutic relationship remains constructive and meaningful.
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