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Discover a Path Tailored to You... 

We all seek a guiding light at the crossroads of life's challenges. I've carefully crafted my practice specialties to address the diverse and unique experiences that touch our lives. Whether you're navigating complex emotions like anxiety and depression or seeking clarity in your life's direction, I offer a spectrum of services designed to empower, heal, and transform. Each specialty emerges from my deep understanding and dedication to the human journey. I commit to walking alongside you, ensuring every step you take is with clarity, strength, and purpose. Dive in, and together, let's find the pathway that resonates with you.


Navigate life's challenges with a calmer mind. Together, we'll equip you with tools and strategies to face uncertainties with confidence and peace.


Rise from the shadows and rediscover joy. We'll journey through your unique experiences, helping you reconnect with life's vibrant hues.

Anger Management 

Transform fiery reactions into measured responses. Let's harness that energy and channel it towards productive and positive outcomes.

Self Esteem 

Celebrate your worth and potential. We'll work on strengthening your inner voice, ensuring it's supportive, loving, and confident.

Life Purpose

Unearth your calling and passions. Dive deep, explore your potential, and craft a path that aligns with your true purpose.

Cognitive Processing:

Fine-tune your thoughts, sharpening them into your most powerful allies. Let's reshape unproductive patterns and foster a mindset that uplifts.

Racial Identity

Embrace and understand the core of your cultural identity. Celebrate your roots, confront societal challenges, and craft a secure, proud sense of self.

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